While St. Edward's is a small parish, we strive to offer a program of Christian formation for people of all ages and for people we are all at different stages of their Christian life. Upcoming events will be listed on our Events page.

Baptismal Preparation

Persons seeking baptism for an infant, and older individuals who were never baptised and seeking baptism for themselves, should speak with the Parish Clergy about preparing for Baptism.

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes are usually offered once a year in preparation for a person's confirmation by a bishop. These classes cover the fundamentals of Christian doctrine.

Classes, Bible Studies, Quiet Days

From time to time, we offer seasonal classes, Bible studies, or quiet days, usually with coffee and bagels provided.


Larger, more scholarly lectures are offered about once a year. Past speakers include:

  • Rt. Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury
  • Very Rev. John Anthony McGuckin, Professor of Byzantine Christian Studies (Columbia University); Professor of Early Church History (Union Theological Seminary)
  • Dr. Christopher Wells, Executive Director of the Living Church Foundations